Jan. 22nd, 2014

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[Lan just finished receiving a message from her home planet of La Garite. And for once, she looks really happy.]

A miracle just happened. The flowers of Rin-ne changed trajectories of La Garite and De Metrio - the change is slight, but big enough so they won't impact each other. The solution to the problem came from a most unexpected direction.

Now we can focus on rebuilding relations between the two kingdoms. Brother is... in no condition to do anything like that at the moment. Someone has to take his place. So...

I'm afraid... this is goodbye.

I am sorry that I have to leave Earth behind while there are still so many problems that need to be fixed. But I will not be far away! If you ever need me for anything, I will return as fast as I can. And La Garite ships are really fast!

I promise.
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[Pre "Operation Avenger]

[1] [Locked to Traitors Only]

Even from within the tunnels carved deep into the mesa, Isaac can still hear the wind howling outside.

Walking alongside his fellow traitor, he stares straight ahead without flinching, only stepping to the side as gas-masked soldiers and...other things pass by.

"Who are you taking me to?" He asks his superior quietly.