Jan. 30th, 2014

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So... we have monsters from another reality on one hand, a manipulative energy being that wants genocide in the other, and in between all of this we have all kinds of maniacs and machines trying to murder everyone for their own selfish reasons or programming or something.

[Ryou's in the infirmary, maybe Petar was shooting to disable, but the explosions after and his hard landing injured him a bit.]

Well when all this is over and done with the world's going to be a much quieter place.

[Well, that's a surprising amount of optimism.]

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The final enemy has revealed itself...

The end of our struggle for peace is near, I can feel it. But...

How the heck are we supposed to find some sort of omnipotent primal energy source that seems to be the forefather of all exotic energy sources? For that matter, I'm not even sure we'd be able to hurt it!

Short of something genocidal as shutting down and destroying all the sources it would have for interacting with our world, I can't think of any permanent solution here. We no longer have LordGenome's Bio-Computer to help locate it. Absorbing it and containing it seems to make things explode. And if this is truly an omnipotent energy we're dealing with, there's a heavy probability that conventional weapons won't phase it, and exotic weapons will simply fuel it! Even if we did destroy it, wouldn't it have a similar effect to killing Artifex?

It seems lately we've been dealing with nothing but madmen and self-proclaimed gods lately...does anyone have any ideas for moving forward at this point?
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(Video: Backdated to after the 00/MML finale)

Ribbons Almark... Your desire to rule blinded you to Aeolia's plan for mankind. First contact with aliens may have come and gone, but perhaps next time, humanity will be able to initiate things properly. (Knowing his luck-haha, no)

Still... [he bows politely] Everyone, thank you for helping Celestial Being put an end to Ribbons's machinations. We would never have gotten this far without the support of the Chalice.

[His eyes are doing an interesting glowy trick.] This is far from our last mission, though. There is still much work to be done. I'll be there to help as best I can with the Exia and what else I can muster. Thank you. [And they've stopped. huh]

[Action: Present time]
A certain Newtype Bluenette is wandering the Arboretum...
So the Primeval Force was malevolent as I feared... [Kamille's trying to make sense of recent going ons, specifically the debacle at Warsaw] To be honest, I've no idea how you go about fighting a sentient energy being, and I don't suspect I'll make any headway on my own, either. Fighting Energy... How would you do that? Weaponized Entropy? [He's lost in his thoughts it seems. You should probably make sure he doesn't crash into something.]

[OOC: Joint post for Kamille and Setsuna. Put who your tagging in the header.]

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[And someone's going back to work in the hangar, with tons of chalkboards and computer terminals put up and everything.  Some have "PRIMEVAL FORCE" written on them.]

[public video]

Before I say anything else, yes, I'm up for this.  And whoever out there got me the designs for this-

[She taps her left temple, and her new eye glows blue for a few moments.  Don't worry, not the same color that Kairos Aspida units did.]

... Well, I'm finding myself thanking people a lot recently.  And this might be the best way to repay everyone if I'm not cleared for piloting duties.  I'm a scientist first, pilot and mechanic second, after all, and what we saw out there -most notably what happened to the Rushbird- and what Hixar's gotten for us has given me a lot of serious food for thought about how Primeval Force is channeled.

Additionally, while the Invaders were still a threat, there'd been some development in "Anti-Getter" Missiles... meant to essentially drain the Invaders of the surplus energy that was making them so difficult to dispose of.  I'm not going to say that Getter Rays and the Primeval Force are exactly the same, but it feels that the Force has more in common with it than, say, gasoline.  Between the two... maybe we can make a countermeasure of some sort.

But I won't promise anything, not when my magnum opus scientific creation is something so flawed, and especially not when all I'm working with is best guesses.  But it'll at least be something.  And anyone that can help... whether you've only just seen the Force in action or you've got your own theories and calculations, please by all means let's try to work this out together rather than separately.