Jan. 28th, 2014

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It's a battle over the Pacific Ocean, where the gigantic fleshy blob of Cthulhu floats over the continent of R'lyeh, trying to raise it! While a small group breaks into the inside of the evil god, the rest of us has to face its minions! There are individually weak, but incredibly numerous! Enemies encountered include:

Destroyer Robots - oldschool robots straight from a 60s movie, but mecha sized. They are varied but most can fly and shoot some kind of missiles or beams.
Deep Ones - fish-faced humanoid abominations from the sea! They vary in size from human to giant robot-sized. Some possess extra mutations.
Dagon- and Hydra-lookalikes - slug-like monsters the size of a small battleship. Disgusting.
Cthulhu's tentacles - the blob cannot spam lasers in its current state, but it still has lots of tentacles it tries to use for melee.

We're not alone in this battle, various organizations are helping out as well! Also, Metatron and Sandalphon are going through their duel nearby, but that's not a part of the giant battle and Metatron seems to be winning anyway.
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 [Eibon is not a particularly "social" person, so it's a bit surprising to see something of an announcement from her.]

Everyone, I...

...I am sorry. I have failed you, and all mankind.

Those of you with weaker minds should consider suicide. What comes after Yog-Sothoth heralds the rest of his kin from outside time into this world will...not be something you want to stick around for.

[That's it for her extremely glum announcement. Later, Eibon can be seen in the arboretum, tending to some plants.]