Jan. 10th, 2014

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[One very dissatisfied goddess is taking out her frustrations on the floor...by stomping it repeatedly. She has very good reason to, though, especially after just recovering from the incident with Tixy...and now...]

You've gotta be -kidding- me! Again?!

My name isn't just a placeholder for a surprise character appearance - that's not fair!

Worst. Running. Gag. Ever!

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Isaac Sinclair is up on the Chalice deck in the wee hours of the morning, performing sword drills as rosy fingers of dawn stretch out over the horizon.

His strokes are large, brutal and scything, meant to cleave enemies in half. And yet, as he performs this ruthless form of combat...he seems to be calm, collected and at peace.

"By heavenly Jove, Jehovah, and Andraste..." He says quietly, winding down and starring at the rising sun. "Let my blade strike true, and let her hold her living son in her arms again..."



Isaac is calling his mother in one of the Chalice's comm booths, hopping up and down on the balls of his beat as he listens to the dial tone. Finally, someone picks up on the other end.

"Mother Sinclair!" He calls out. "Oh, so many marvelous thing have happened last we talked! I know not where to start, but I think that at last, after so long, good fortune's c–!"

A sharp, muffled voice cuts him off. Isaac winces, then listens. And from the outside you can see his face turn pale.

"Oh Gods."



Isaac sends a general comm transmission to everyone aboard the White Chalice...with the exception of Cora.

He looks really wild-eyed...and a bit gaunt.

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[Locked to all but one]

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So you oversized, red skinned goggled lummox, we can finally come to two agreements. You stay on YOUR end and I'll stay on MINE, and we will not interfere with each other's work unless it encroaches onto the other's workspace where we will be allowed to utterly decimate it as the offended party sees fit.

AND. To ensure THAT nothing like that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE incident THAT we will NEVER speak of AGAIN ever HAPPENS. We will NEVER AGAIN even ATTEMPT anything RELATED to BREACHING into other REALITIES! I.... AGREEEEEE!

[The two exchange a gentlemanly handshake and turn around - returning to their respective workstations.]

Near sighted, clumsy, organ mucking, overbite laden imbecile.

Rotten, MEMORY damaged, tone DEAF, metal PANDERING twit.

[Now that the two have finally settled down to a degree we may finally have some peace.]


[Or maybe not.]

I don't even want to know what happened here. Robo.

[What happened at the joint West-Tesla labs you ask? Well... you see Tesla was working on an experimental plant growth serum. One of West's experiments rattled the lab a little and had Tesla dump his entire beaker of the serum onto his test plants. There are now vines wreaking chaos upon the two and anyone who is close enough. Thankfully the tech crew had long avoided the lab space and there is also helpful warning tape cordoning off the area. Elsa is at the considerably more peaceful side facepalming.]

[On the other end you see Professor Tesla being thrown about by the vines and occasionally meeting a table, or wall, or floor or being swept across one of the aforementioned surfaces. Doctor West fares no better, having attempted to re-enact Apocalpse Now on the overgrown plants. They were entertained by the idea and wanted to re-enact it as well. The vines now bearing flamethrowers and tormenting West with them who was now running around screaming with both lab coat and hair on fire. You can see a few vegetables with teeth bouncing out of the growths and seeking to sneak out of the quarantine zone.]