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Tragic, melancholy tearful adventures of Doctor West

[Not everybody came back from the confrontation with Master Therion, and then Nyarlahotep. As such West is venting his sadness-]




[By bawling like hell. Elsa's just backing off, looking for someone... ANYONE to HELP WITH THIS MAJOR SITUATION! SHE DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE TO COMFORT WEST!]

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I know your feeling man.
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I know! I almost lost my one true rival too there! I can barely imagine what would I feel if he doesn't come back.
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"Dr. West!" Matthew exclaims, sprinting forward and skidding to a stop in front of the Quasi- Honorary Chief Scientist to the Gurren Brigade!

"Do you need a hug?"
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Never! How would Matthew ever destroy such a proud symbol of man's regard for one another!

"There, there, Doctor." He says, patting the mad genius's back.

"I will not say: 'do not weep', " He says firmly, "for not all tears are unscientific."
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"Doctor, can we get him back?!"
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"No way...after all of that...."

[Bernie was easily too discouraged]

"Even with magic, he can't return."
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He is silent, listening to the Doctor's despairing crying. After a moment...

"D-Doctor West!"
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"Kuro helped us because he's a hero. And heroes want other heroes to help mankind."