Jan. 29th, 2014

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Well then. The situation intensifies. The short version is that all of Black Lodge and Cthulhu are defeated, but Master Therion is alive and soon, the gate of Yog-Sothoth will open, releasing hundreds of overpowered eldritch abominations on Earth. This could be stopped if we kill Therion, but he happens to be behind the gate himself. We have a few weeks at most.

Shall we give up? Hell no. I've already seen some pretty dire things and didn't give up then. We know almost everything about Master Therion now, and Maxene has some information to share as well. Knowledge is power... And, as a scientist, all my power comes from knowledge! Soon, we should have a plan to stop Therion for good; to break the cycle of his constant rebirth. This is not the end for humanity; it's merely the beginning of another huge challenge ahead of us. But since when does that stop White Chalice?

[Prometheus, who's lounging nearby in a small pool of regeneration-increasing liquid like it was a jacuzzi, raises a sign in response to the speech. It reads: 7/10.]
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[Needless to say, Kurou is kind of kicking himself right now after what happened. Thanks to his 'kindness' Master Therion was able to come back to life and summon Yog-Sothoth. On top of all of that, someone he cared about was now dead. Yeah, he's kind of having a bad day.

He sits on the deck of the Chalice just firing round after round from both of his pistols rather absent-mindedly.]

Why did you even give me these Ennea?

[2 A bit later]

[Al appears on the comm, looking a bit better than Eibon was doing. She still looks pretty worried though.]

I know it's pointless to say anything about how tough this will be. I've seen for myself what you all can do; however, that is not my main concern.

If you do not know yet, Yog-Sothoth is connected to all points in time and space. Which means it will be impossible for us to know where it will lead us one we enter the gate. Once we pass through it we will travel throughout the entirety of every universe that exists.

[Al pauses for a moment.]

We will likely never be able to return to this universe.

[3 After Al's Announcement]

[After hearing the announcement Kurou only has one thing to say.]

...Just leave dealing with Master Therion to me.