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"First Falcon, Last Raven" combat post


It's a big battle in Siberia. Jade Falcons are finally fed up with the stalemate and launched an all-out attack to rid the world of Clan Wolf once and for all. Any annoying "freebirths" (read: us!) that get in the way are free game for them as well! They're fanatics, and no quarter is given or offered.

The battle takes place not just on the ground, but in the skies as well. They even armed their dropships and are using them as improvised battleships vs the Wolves' units. Clearly you're dealing with desperate people.

Oh, also both sides are being constantly bombarded by endless swarms of suicide drones. Have fun.


But eventually, the victor surfaces. News of the Jade Falcons' Galaxy Commander's death start to spread, and the remaining commander asks for Hegira. Which is clan speak for honorable surrender. It is given and just like that, the fighting just... ends. Jade Falcons retreat.

That was sudden. What a change of attitude from their endless zeal not that long ago. Just what the heck happened?

Also the suicide drone bombardment is over.
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Matthew and Lola know just what the heck happened, as they emerge onto the surface and watch the armies of the two Clans disengage.

And at that, Matthew lets out a sigh of relief. "That was a close one."

He turns his shoulder to look at his backseat passenger. "Ah, do you want me to drop you off somewhere, Star Captain Helmar?"