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Remembering those that are important

[When you next pass by the remembrance wall, the wall that Cheng had so long ago put up to remember those who died fighting alongside the Chalice. Lost friends and family. Comrades one and all... You would find Luger of all people slumped against it, CRYING. His fingers brushed against one name in particular.]


[Wait wait wait. Wasn't that the name of the Meat Man thing that Luger made and tried to bring to life?! What the hell is ITS name doing on the wall?! That isn't right! That isn't right at all!!!]
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Wasn't that...

... that thing... you made?
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He was a slab of meat, Luger.

I... understand that as his creator you probably feel really sentimental about this and him but...

... Don't go overboard with this.
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Luger, didn't your victory celebration/potential funeral actually involve us eating him?

In the end, that was going to be his final use, wasn't it?
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... Okay...

[Josh can't help but laugh a little bit.]

I have to admit it was a good meal, all things considered. Just... really weird. But then again, it's you we're talking about.

[Yes, he's saying this to Luger's face.]
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The one who made him, because the one who made him was you.
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I'm not sure how to break it to you, but Dick Pentagon wasn't alive. Not since he stopped being cows and pigs and became sausages.
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...Who put him there anyway? Why?

At least Dick Pentagon tasted good, I guess. That counts as some contribution...
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He still wasn't alive, though.