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On the doorstep of world peace

Is Ryou still missing?

We stopped Nineballs from flooding the whole planet, and after the Falcons surrendered, we're this close to world peace. And he played an important part in all of it it! He better show up! Besides, he said he will return, he's got to keep his word!
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Don't worry.

He wouldn't have stayed behind like that if he wasn't confident that he'd be able to return.
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"Do not worry!" Matthew says, looking exhausted yet content.

"He would not have stayed behind if he did not believe he could return to us!"

...Deja Vu.
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"In the crumbling ruins of an underground death factory slash corporate dystopia?" Matthew muses.

"One would think he would swiftly grow bored, quiaff?"
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"Ah." Matthew says, getting it. "You worry that he might have chosen to seek death?"

He leans forward and flicks his own nose with his thumb.

"Don't." He says simply.
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Don't worry. He'll return.

He promised as much.
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Yuu nods. "Simply hearing it aloud brings comfort, yes? And Ryou will know that to the end, we believe in him to return."