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All In

Recently, you may have heard increased frequency in news or reports on the skirmishes in Siberia between the Wolves and the Jade Falcon. The clanners onboard have been restless, even if many of them had been rotating back to Wolf City for periods of time. Ranna will send a vid-message to those onboard.

"We believe that the Falcons cannot maintain this level of intensity without escalating soon. The Clan is consolidating our Touman in Wolf City in preparation for that escalation. My Trinary has been recalled as well, for the duration of this conflict - the 4th Wolf Guards are expeceted to be in the thick of things. However, with the Verfolger, I am still able to join the Chalice on deployments if necessary."

This time, when the typical Clan Wolf dropship arrives for its scheduled supply drop-off, it did not come alone - escorting it are ten aerospace fighters. Furthermore, all the clanners are loading their mechs on the dropship, and even some of the Wolf Technicians are boarding it.

Ranna is there overseeing the transfer, disturb/talk to her?

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"Star Captain Ranna." Matthew says simply by way of greeting. He approaches.
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((OOC: Aff, Derp! Matthew's so jealous of Ranna's Promotions!))

"How are we going to stop this war?" He asks laconically, with a tightness underlying his cool tone of voice.
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Matthew shakes his head. "If both Clans wind up decimated by this war, then It'll be a victory to the Primeval Force. Has anyone tried–"

His mouth twists, as if biting down on a sour morsel.

"-Negotiating a truce?"
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Matthew looks disturbed at that. "So they are also going to war to gain the supplies they'll need to establish themselves?"
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Matthew snorts. "They can hardly take over the entire earth sphere with their current gathered Touman..."

He grits his teeth. "So they are going to focus entirely on destroying the Wolves-in-Exile, quiaff?"
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Matthew mutters a slur under his breath: something that rhymes with 'Wet Rag'.

"This is not how I imagined the conquest of Terra going all those years ago! It was supposed to be a glorious thing, not..."

He struggles for words.

"...something this childish and pointless!"
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This bustle...it reminds me of Axis, prior to Char's counterattack. You're preparing an all or nothing assault, aren't you?
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All this, just for a defense?
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So this is it, huh? After years of minor battles, it's time for the final confrontation.
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Hopefully they will realize how stupid and short-sighted their actions are right now. In the face of Primeval Force, all humanity has to stand united. Not erupt into further conflicts.