Jan. 20th, 2014

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*Rock is uncouncious from this battle, and his armor is badly mangled, and his body is hurt badly. But instead of letting the medic team or the crying Roll handles him, the mysterious woman asks everyone to let her handle him. She's doing something to him with Data, the mysterious robot monkey.

C'mon, MegaMan! If you fall asleep, you'll never wake up again! Open your eyes, I thought I might be able to contact you.

He's badly damaged by Geetz' attack, I'm rebuilding him, using Data's memory to restore his program. There's no other choice, it seems that it's finally the time for him to learn the truth.

1. *Rock is finally awake, but his eyes seems... different. Whether beside his bed, or somewhere else, he confides to you the truth.*

I remember... everything now. The mother lode, the keys... The ancients... My name is... was... Megaman Trigger.

cut for long backstory )

2.*Rock sits on the deck, watching the sky, as Roll came.*

I finished the weapon from your memory... Rock... or should I call you Trigger, now? It's so powerful, it almost frightens me...

*Rock opens and closes his hand, and looks toward the sky.*

I know. It also frightens me. So that is what I used to be? Who am I now? Am I Megaman Trigger, or Rock Volnutt?