Jan. 25th, 2014

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[Its a while after the team returned from the disastrous mission to Mars and... it seems Cora is alone. In fact not hide nor hair can be seen of Scythe or a majority of the Dullahan equipment.]

Dishonorably Discharged. The team's been shuffled back into the military and most of the gear's been appropriated. Since I'm the only ranking officer left on Dullahan, the Military decided to hit me with the worst of it. Heh.. its pretty funny that Ulysses deals held though.

[She turns the hilt of the Sinclair family sword in her hand and regards the broken blade with exhaustion.]

So... what's up?
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 Inside a small belgian cafe, a young woman waits.

She has some coffee, a newspaper, and a little electronic go board to keep her company while she waits. Her hands move quickly, placing a black piece here, a white one there, then clearing the board and starting over again. Even as she reads, she moves across the board with the speed of a skilled player.

People stare at her as they enter-something about her face seems wrong, as though she is afflicted with some strange illness. But they pass quickly enough, moving on to their business. It's rude to stare, and none have been who she's waiting for.

She's going to be late...No, that's rude of me. It's going to be late? They did leave for Mars, all of a sudden...I hope nothing bad happened.

...Something bad definitely happened, but still she...it, should be alright.

Note to self: Invent better pronouns...