Jan. 7th, 2014


Jan. 7th, 2014 12:02 pm
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[After the battle with the Turn-X luger has been missing the whole time. Was he sulking over the loss of the chance to finally be healthy for the first time in his life? Was he plotting the fall of Leopold, possibly literally to make the Prince of Ruba hurt his nose by landing facefirst on the floor? Or was he just smoking as many cartons of cigarettes? Who can say...]

[However it seems when you step into a bathroom for any reason whatsoever you find your foot meeting something distinctly unpleasantly cold. It was also uneven and very pinchy. The Floor is apparently crabs. Lots of them. And by opening the door they're going to other parts of the room.]

[Have fun trying to deal with this new infestation. At least its less noisy compared to the gerbil infestation Luger planned out last time... of course that incident was a lot more adorable as well given the whole - gerbils painted like your mecha with tiny cutouts of you tied to their backs.]


[Luger himself was just smoking off in some corner of the ship with several boxes that stank of a fish market. Now we know where the crabs came from. He was sitting next to a pot with what appeared to be spares, a mallet and some cutlery. With him was a sickly looking gerbil and a crab that was feasting on the remains of its kin. With butter.]

[He doesn't seem to notice you as he calmly puts a poorly drawn cut out of Leopold on a freshly cooked crab before repeatedly bashing it on the face with the tiny mallet. He lets out a relieved sigh as if it helped him feel much better about the whole situation.]