Jan. 14th, 2014

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[Cora remains in her armor - seated upon a pile of boxes with both fists pressed against the front of her helmet. Dice was still laid up in the infirmary and had lost a lot of blood but he'd recover. Dagger was making a report to Ulysses about the whole situation in Cora's stead and Scythe was holed up somewhere. Probably beating herself up about not being able to keep from being locked down by Isaac.]

...Just what the hell happened....Mongrel... Oxide... Appletree...

[The Sinclair family sword laid close by, still stained thoroughly from Last Stage's blood. Cora herself had more than a few injuries. Yet she still hadn't relinquished her armor for repairs nor attended to her own wounds.]

And now those bastards are on Mars.... goddamnit... what am I even doing...

[But at least the populace remained unharmed... god only knows what could have happened and-]



[She was startled, didn't they drop everyone off just before the mission once they were sure it was safe? She didn't really have much time to think as there was a light clunk against her armor as her son hugged her tightly.]

Mum, they just said you got back and I saw one of your friends get pulled away on one of those hospital cart things and I tried looking for you there but they didn't say you were there and I tried to find you all over the place and-

[Lucas was just belting out the words in a frantic manner, getting exceedingly more out of breath, Cora's helmet pulled open and she gave her son a comforting smile.]

Lucas... Lucas... calm down... breath... its okay. I'm alright... I just got scratched a few times... its not so bad.

But Mum, you're bleeding! You got holes in your fancy space suit thing... We need to find the ships nurse!

[Everyone will be treated to the sight of a young boy barely in his teens trying his damndest to tug a grown woman in power armor off her seat to find someone to help with her wounds. Cora doesn't even look embarrassed at all.]


[Cora's bandaged up after finally relenting to Lucas' frantic attempts to get her into the infirmary and downright exhausting himself with his futile tugs. Now out of her armor, she and her son were relaxing in front of a TV, watching some old television show from what you could tell and enjoying some sandwiches. Peanut butter and Jam from the looks of it, there was an entire plate full of them off to the side too. Despite the horrific stress and losses taken during the mission, Cora seemed surprisingly at peace - and Lucas just looked quite happy to be by his mother's side.]

Hey... do you want to join us? I think after the day we all had, you could use the rest too.

[She motions lightly with her mechanical arm to the empty space next to her.]

[3a] [Locked to Roads]

[After a while Cora  found someone to look after Lucas for a while. For her own reasons she was going to look for someone on the ship to talk to.]

Roads?... Could you spare a while for me?

[3b] [Babysitting] [Anyone who isn't Cynthia.]

[Whoever you are, you've been tasked by Cora to look after her son while she handles some private business. He's been pretty energetic and was asking you questions non-stop and often looking around wherever you're with him with much excitement. Hm... maybe he had too many of those sandwiches.]

[4] [The Squad]

[Dice, Dagger, Scythe. Along with Cora they're all that's left of the team. Dagger remained silent as he looked over the post battle report he was going to send to HQ, Scythe was cradling her gun... and Dice?]

Mongrel... that idiot... I can't believe it... he just... why did he.... god... what are we gonna tell his mother? I heard she was just starting to get lucid again!

[Dice was agonizing over the loss of his friend. He may have been an jerk, but Mongrel was their jerk.]

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...I'm going after Isaac.

[Richard makes his intent pretty clear and simple as he starts packing some of his stuff, food and supplies already stuffed into a backpack. At his workbench, he briefly hesitates as he picks up his sword... but straps it to his side anyway.]

I've got some idea of where he might go, and I've things to check on anyway.

[Richard seems pretty determined, anything you might have to say?]


For a place being fortified, wasn't that hard to get in...

[Richard muses as he steps towards the Sinclair household, though admittedly even Britannian special forces did not typically have the might of magic at their command.

He stares up at the aged building for a bit, wondering if the people inside had ever really met a - as they would call him - 'Norman' before...

Well, as he knocked on the door, time to find out.]
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Since the Sanc intervention, Bernie has been out of combat. Who remembered that Bernie was a new Zaku? Which made its debut when the Chalice "went berserk".

So far, his first couple trials has been a success. He's sitting in between the Zaku's shoulder and head, just contemplating]

"I'm actually pretty proud of myself," he said, patting the Zaku's head.
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[Lynn's making her way through the medical tents and whatnot that the Britannian military's set up after the operation.  She's mainly here to pay her respects to Dice... but along the way she's noticing more than a few strange gizmos that doctors and military officials are looking at.]

That freak said it could release the disease anywhere?

It's airborne, dammit... and we've seen what it can do to people!  And we're running out of convenient cures for the damn thing!
  At least with ventilators we can keep people from dying without making the disease stronger!

But it's just a stopgap measure.  If they lose power or -hell- some idiot flips the wrong switch they won't even be able to breath.  Either way they'll be casualties

[Iron lungs.  They're talking about those archaic things as a way to let people infected by the Izanami Virus continue to go on at least a little while longer.  Reducing people to live in big metal tubes as their bodies waste away...  Without even realizing it Lynn's balling her hands up into fists.]

Typhon... !


[And what's R doing?  Well, REVIVAL's pacing back and forth in the hangar, its body language reeking of frustration-]

This isn't doing enough for me.

[-Before sitting down in frustration.]

I don't know how to unwind from this.  There've been bad times before but...

Losing more of the Dullahans like that...!


Jan. 14th, 2014 11:13 pm
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Why are robots who want to become humans messed up so often? As if being a robot meant you are somehow less of a person. That's offensive.

Typhon does not deserve to be called either. For the civilians who died in Madrid, and for the soldiers who died now... If I meet him again, I will destroy him. He didn't manage to spread the Izanami Virus today, but he will if he gets another chance. I won't give him that.