Jan. 2nd, 2014

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1. And so, triumphant, our heroes return home, with new allies and upgrades and then some.  Except not so triumphant, because while EVIL was stopped, the simple fact is that the Sanc Kingdom is now in the hands of those who would...

"Wait, who exactly ARE the Romefeller Foundation, and why is this a bad thing? It seems like Miss Relena has things under control, and she seems all right. It's not as if they're going around saying the want to spread war and suffering, right?"

...yeah, Yuu doesn't understand politics at all.

2. Yuu's seen to it that both former generals of EVIL he's brought back are taken care of. By which he means closely watched and checked out. Especially with Oishi, who he's stood at the side of as the Chalice's medical team scans her for whatever means were used to brainwash her.

3. Professor Tesla, meanwhile, has been given a somewhat limited tour of the ship, to show off the potential for SCIENCE that he can find here. You may want to keep small animals, Metroids, and Eldrich abominations away from him.  On the other hand, he is yet another brilliant mind, and there's no denying that.

4. Yuu can be found out on the deck of the chalice, looking skyward. "Dad...to think that you've managed to survive all this time, trapped in the Floating Fortress of EVIL...not only that, but you were able to manipulate Oishi out of the enemy's hands with the X-Buster's new wings... "

He shakes his fist. "I WILL save you. I WILL defeat them! and I absolutely, definately...will save this planet! This I vow, on my hammer of justice!"

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1. [The mission ended on a bittersweet note. And afterwards, you might run into a certain white-clad mage - now decked out in heavy looking gear - as she touches down on the deck. There's a serious look on her face.]

I'm sorry; inter-dimensional space has been rough lately, but I hurried back here as soon as I could.

I'm glad that everyone seems to be holding up since the last time we met, and while we're at it...I do have some good news to share...


2. [A while later in the hangar, Nanoha is holding a small holographic clipboard as she inspects the equipment she used in the mission: The Fortress and Strike Cannon. The individual parts are floating - occupying one of the mecha stations, and Raising Heart in its standby form is hovering just above her left shoulder.

If some of you couldn't tell already, this stuff is new even to Nanoha. That's also why she's inspecting it: to make sure it won't do anything she doesn't want it to. Her first impression?]

Mm...maybe they would have overdone it if they'd kept at this...

[And those are not words she just throws around. If you're curious, now's a good time to ask.]