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[1] [Backdated to before the TTGL Finale]

[Everyone. There's a familiar figure on board the Chalice once more, parking his motorbike onto his old space and walking towards you. He sidesteps a short distance as he passes by the mess that was the West-Tesla labs that was most likely still being fixed after the fiasco that happened last time. With a small grin he removes the biker goggles he was wearing, and as he gets closer? Well you'll notice a few differences about him - that being he has a mechanical arm now.]

Well. I'd certainly have to say you've all been living a little messier since I left.

[2] [After the TTGL Finale.]

[Sam was out of his suit, bandaged and practicing pretty hard now. For everyone who was or wasn't there, you'd know that he went out to fight the Anti-Spiral on foot - which by all accounts was something certifiably insane to do.]


[The samurai flicks the blade lightly and watches as the light shines off its lustrous, sinister red sheen. He looks very satisfied... then grimaces a little as he inspects a thoroughly carved up dummy.]

This is going to take a lot longer than I want it to.

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1) [Open to everyone]

[As the Chalice makes a stop at a town for a momentary resupply Sam seems to have loaded up on his bike with all his belongings.]

I think... this is where we part ways....

[He lets out a soft chuckle as he turns to regard you.]

It's been entertaining traveling with others for a change... but... this... I'll need to do alone.

Maybe we can see each other again soon.

2) [Locked to NPC]

[The place: Desperado Enforcement LLC's headquarters.]

[The time: early evening. ]

[The weather: partly cloudy with a chance of rain.]

[Staffing: currently being slashed to a fraction of its former number due to an unexpected crisis.]

Hah! Come on! Give me a real challenge!

[Sam leaps up over an Irving - Stabbing the Murasama into its armored head - then using his momentum to drag his blade through to open it up as he landed behind it before dodging an incoming RPG that blasted the opened up UG to pieces.]

Is this all you have?

I'm getting dissapointed!
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[Sam's still recuperating in the infirmary. Yeah that hit he took was no joke - even if the suit took the brunt of it there was a high likelihood he could have died. Despite the Chalice winning in the end though something about Sam seems... dissapointed? He knew that there was always a bigger fish, but when one is so used to just rushing right in and carving people up in the pursuit of justice.... yeah. The sudden takedown really caught him off guard and has him thinking to himself quite a bit.]

So that was it then... one blow and I'm like this...

[It wasn't just pure strength... it was also the force of one's ideals that made them powerful. In the face of that.... could Sam really believe in his justice? He ponders this as he lies in bed with his sword laid across his lap.]
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[Sam seems to be reviewing the battle at the Storm Grave - where Yuu and Raynor had their respective victories, though the former is currently going through some serious issues. Right now though Sam seems to be focusing mainly one one person. The new arrival. The Brazillian Samurai was chuckling, nodding his head in amusement at the fight.]

Not bad... not bad at all... but something's off...

[Now that was a person he'd love to get a chance to cross blades with. And he knew exactly who that guy was from that look of his. Will there be any inquiries? Or do you have your own reasons for bothering Sam?]
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[Sam's in the arboretum, just taking a walk through it - sword at his side and looking calmly at the plants around him. Looking satisfied as he came to a particular area, he drew his sword and set himself into stance with a deep breath. The leaves of the trees in this part of the arboretum were falling. He figured it would be a good time to get his training down.]

[Within moments he was putting several precise cuts through the leaves - splitting them into halves - and then even more. One would think, oh Sam's just slashing leaves like a stereotypical samurai, what's the interest in that?]

[Then if you took a better look you'd notice he was specifically carving them up through the mid-ribs - making clean splits, then slashing through the veins of the leaves - trying to get the cuts as exact and clean as possible!]

[When Sam stopped he picked up one of the sliced leaves, he looked a little dissapointed actually.]


Now, I wouldn't say that I'm much of a teacher - but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to pass on a few things to those of you who want to learn.

[Sam grins, leaning on his knee as he sat crosslegged in the middle of the room he has appropriated as a makeshift dojo. It was pretty sparse really. A few mats, multiple practice sword and several other things that wouldn't be out of place.]

Try to keep this in mind though, I won't go easy on you.

[Sam gets to his feet and looks quite serious indeed now.]

I'll be teaching you the same way I learned from my father. The Rodrigues New Shadow School... is quite painful indeed.

So if you're having second thoughts, I suggest you leave and save yourself the bruises.

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[Sam's trudging back to the closest surface he could lie down on without fear of getting stepped on. He was bone tired after the two duels he had today. Robot Chainsaw Wolves are no joke. Bald men with Giant Scissors?.... Maybe. Maybe.]

Mmh... Could use a nap after all that.

[He lazily tosses off the snow-goggles he had worn while he was out there - barely listening to them clatter across the ground and bump into someone's foot.]


[Should someone review the footage of the battle... they'd notice that Sam sort of did a ... thing. That thing being him cutting a man open - ripping what looked like a glowing blue spine out of his victim's body and crushing it. What was noticable was that Sam suddenly being able to let loose that massive counter on Sundowner and have the hit he took to his suit more or less fixed... he has a medicinal patch over where the hit landed - so he still didn't get out of it completely.]

[As he's tending to his sword, will you ask him what exactly he just did?]

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[Its bleeding early in the morning - the sun is but  short while away from rising. And where is Sam at this time? Training intensely! But not with his sword surprisingly - though it lies close by. Sam's on the deck of the ship - letting loose with a series of punches and kicks. What kind of style is he using? Its difficult to place - there's plenty of capoeira and judo peppered in - especially with how he's tossing around the dummies he's set up pretty darned hard. As in more than one. It seems he likes to practice on multiple targets at once.]

Mmmh... nothing like a good morning warm up...

[He rolls his neck in a relaxed manner as he flicks his sheathed sword up from the ground with his foot and snatches it out of the air as it dropped - resting it along his shoulders as he watched the sun rise. He pauses to look over at you with a raised eyebrow.]

I didn't think anyone else would bother waking up this early.

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[There's a new arrival on the Chalice, anyone who was at the beach and had a hankering for Watermelon would have met this man. What's odd about him this time though is that he's wearing what looks to be an armored exoskeleton, with a rather abnormal looking sheath at his side, complete with sword.]

[Oh, and he's also parking a Motorbike at a free spot in the hangar as well. Because fuck you. His bike. Said bike being a 1970s Harley Model - with what looked to be massive amounts of loving attention paid to it.]

(Reference to the bike: Here)

[When he sees you though he offers an amused grin and nod.]


[The next you see of the new arrival is him relaxing in the lounge in plainclothes, sword across his lap and his leg bandaged up. He took a hit in the fight after all. Some of you may have seen him fight with that sword of his. That and unleash that crazy whirlwind at the tidal wave.]

An interesting day eh? I just wish some parts of it could have gone on longer.

[Interestingly the TV is on and he's watching some news about the upcoming Neo-American elections. There were a few things scattered about him... including a scrap of... something with a logo on it. ]