Jan. 23rd, 2014

alwaysmyturn: (Planeptune principle #1)
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1. (Open)
[While she was carried back to the Chalice in an unconscious state, Neptune's transformation had completely deactivated as well. She's been looked at in the infirmary though, and yes: she is awake now, albeit with most of her body covered in bandages. This includes one side of her face for some reason.]

...In case you guys were wondering about it - getting hit by one of those beams HURTS.

[Something is off, however. The bits and pieces of armor that were blasted apart by Ali's attack are next to her, on the floor. These pieces didn't get dismissed along with her transformation this time...why could that be?]


2. (Locked to Kurou for tradition's sake)
[You may be anywhere in the ship. The Arboretum, a random hallway, perhaps. But there is a feeling you're getting now; something like Deja Vu...]


3. (Open - takes place a day or so after 2)
Cut for frontdating )