Jan. 1st, 2014

srwuga_npc2: (NPC - Nextic)
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"I finally found you, traitor."

Suddenly, White Chalice's screens light up with an image of a giant hulk of a man, all muscle and power.

"That's where you were hiding, Texotic. Humans who listen to this, know who I am. I am Nextic, the strongest Over Being. Millions... no - billions of lesser creatures perished by my hands. You will be next."

"But I am curious. What kind of trickery did you have to pull to defeat three other Over Being? This is a challenge. You can find me at these coordinates. Show me your best. Show me, and then die."

Blip, the transmission is over. But what remains is a series of coordinates given by the last Over Being. Coordinates that point to Corporation territory...