Jan. 5th, 2014

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[OOC: This is kind of a huge post as is, so please keep all the responses to each one of the prompts to one thread so we don't end up dying of confusion] 
[OOC2: I'm not sure if I was clear. You can and SHOULD poke into any thread you like! We are in a group! There is no threadjacking here, that's why I said to keep all responses in a single thread. Feel free to go into anything you like!]>

[Well, today's the day. The team assembled to head back into Pit's world and meet Dyntos will go through the portal today. The portal is created in the hangar, with Viridi holding this side of it.]

Come on, go into it, I don't have all day!

1 - Meetup at Skyworld

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2 - Approach, and meeting Dyntos
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3 - The First Trial
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4 - The Second Trial

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5 - The Great Sacred Treasure
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6 - Victory!

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7 - Heading back
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First Riot

Jan. 5th, 2014 01:36 pm
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[Clear the deck - on an unoccupied part of the Chalice's hangar, a magic circle appears with a ringing, ticking sound. It remains just long enough to let anyone in the area get out of its radius, then vanishes quietly - and in its place is a figure in a white cloak, one who might look familiar, and yet not, to some of the crew. She looks around briefly before summoning a screen in the air before her, connecting to the ship's network.]

Everyone - I am Agent Fate Testarossa Harlaown, representing the Time-Space Administration Bureau. I'm here to lend assistance and support Captain Takamachi. I hope together we can overcome the troubles this planet faces.

And to those I've met before, I'm glad to be back.