Jan. 4th, 2014


Jan. 4th, 2014 02:26 am
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Everyone... I remember everything. It's over. We've won.

[Post-mission, Pilhua is destroyed. But so is the Over Being Father. And now there is a blue-ish aura around Texotic. Like a flame, tiny and barely visible at first but growing in time.]

There is something you need to know.
During their "games", Over Being met resistance. Rarely did their play go as smoothly as they hoped for. Their supposed prey fought - fought hard, tooth and nail. As we did just now.
The universe is full of humanity's brethren. Of heroes.

The threat of Over Being is over. What Teootl said is true. Just as Conetzin and Pilhua are creations of Over Being and cannot exist without them, so can Over Being not exist without Teootl.

This includes me. In a few hours, I too will be... gone...

Please do not cry for me. I...

[And she almost did it. Almost said it with composure and a calm face.

But no. Tears start to well in Texotic's eyes as she cries out.]

I will miss you all so much! I... I really wanted to stay with you for longer!

The inevitable )
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[The morning after Texotic's death, Werter is sitting in some dark corner, looking absolutely like shit. It's been obvious that he hasn't slept at all during the night. And there's something in his hand - the silver bracelet he bought for Texotic, not so long ago.]

...They were the most innocent adults I knew. Both of them.
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[Ryou's slumped on a chair somewhere with a bottle of wine in one hand and a hell of a lot of regrets in the other. Meaning it was pressed against his face as he was surrounded by what was more or less a cloud of bitterness.  A lot had gone down... and he was feeling the sting from all of it, from Texotic's death to Jack's senseless murder of fellow Ravens to Naiza (Now Zinaida) having become a Human PLUS. They still won, but it felt like dust.]


[He slowly swirls the contents of the bottle, an empty look in his eyes. 'A senseless death' he said. That was what was awaiting him, what he expected, what he knew.]

Its always because of someone who sets themselves up higher than everyone else...

[The bottle slips from his fingers and crashes to the ground. Ryou barely even notices. There was a dim light being cast on his face from a tablet on the table showing some Ark related info - things Jack had prepped to sent should he have died. It just made him more bitter really. A man making a terrible mistake and murdering people in hopes to single someone out to clean his mess. Nothing compared to what the Overbeing Father had done, but all the more frustrating because of his ties. He looks at his hand - a slight cut on it from the shattered wine bottle. He tilts it and watches the blood flow along it.]

Should I still bother being human at this point?

[He doesn't notice you at all.]