Jun. 2nd, 2013 01:03 am
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Trowa was with the medics as they took Hiiro's still form away.  He was glad the kid was alive.  He'd be pissed about his gundam, but there was nothing they could have done without risking the colonies, waiting outside the medical bay he scowled.  "Oz won't get away with this."  

Trowa's working on the repairs for his Heavyarms.  He doesn't mind others helping, but most of the repairs he wants to do himself, despite a few medics telling him he should get some rest.  They had already kicked him out of Medical because he wouldn't leave the other Gundam pilot's side.

It's late night, he's sitting on the open hatch of Heavyarms, a pad on his lap as he searched databases to figure out where they would have taken Wing.  As soon as Hiiro's up and about he's planning on trying to get the machine back for him.  Without Quatre... there's still the mission to do, and it's too big a job for one to handle.  He's also trying to go through channels to find out what happened with the man that built his gundam... He's sure there had to be some reason the colonies were targeted other than because of Hiiro's actions. 
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Trowa's been busy for the most part, hiding himself away for a while so that he can get some parts of his mission squared away.  He has his orders, basically to stay low profile until he's needed.  So currently he's sitting up in one of the trees, he's not trying to avoid anyone, he's just enjoying the quiet.  

Though in reality, he's bored.  If anyone wants to pester him needing help with something feel free.  At this point he wouldn't mind anything as long as it gets him to do something.  He's already finished the few books he brought with him.

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[[Hixar chimes in on everyone's little communication devices, broadcasting throughout, but, mostly in text format.]]

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the White Chalice. Lately we've been taking in a lot of new faces, as well as saying goodbye to many others.

However, not all of our new faces are social butterflies so, I took it upon myself to help you all get to know one of our newer faces. In time, I plan to have a sit down with some of the others, in hopes that we can all further improve pilot and personal relations.

Simply have yourself a little click here to read up on one of our newest pilots, one Trowa Barton.

[[Of course, it's easy enough to find the Innovade and harass him for questions!]]
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Trowa Barton had thought about covertly joining the Chalice crew, but  at the last moment thought better of it.  He was within range before he made the call keeping the line secure.

His mission after all would be carried out easier if he managed to get aboard.  "White Chalice, this is the Gundam Heavy Arms requesting to come aboard."

Later the tall lanky pilot could be found wondering the halls of the ship, it wasn't that different from some of the places he'd been, and for now the Gundam was stored away, he could figure out how to carry out his orders, and maybe check on the other two pilots that had come to earth in the operation.