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 [Yggdrasil. A secretive city in the alps, a new utopia for the world's best and brightest. A shining new city for the great to live and work in.

Now it is a prison. The rooms that Alice has cordoned off Caulder in are huge-part of an old botanical research facility. The gardens are beautiful, though the living space is rather thrown-together, with just a bed set up in what was meant to be a break room. A familiar face shows up on the TV in the impromptu bedroom, along with her voice.]

Hey...You haven't been eating.

Come on, your soup's going to get cold...
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This happens DURING the incident with Kairos Aspida, with White Chalice's controls, doors, lights and other systems going haywire, not to mention possibly all the shaking from blasts and explosions.

And yet, since Dan doesn't have control over White Chalice for this moment, someone else can use this opportunity to escape...

Those of you not in the mission - you have an opportunity to talk to someone right before an escape pod launches itself and leaves the Chalice to disappear somewhere far away behind the horizon. Someone who appears on a nearby terminal - it's not Dan.

It's ALICE! And the other person who left in the escape pod is Caulder!

Post-mission. We were miraculously NOT attacked by Kairos Aspida - they decided not to take action until it's fully understood just what the hell happened. But they left and warned us to stay away for a while, unless we want what remains of the cease fire to perish completely. Hopefully mission logs will help shed some light on this matter.

In the meantime, Ayame is directing some engineering operation.

"We are removing the Primeval Force generator installed in White Chalice. It was offline and had enough safety measures to prevent it from turning itself on."

"But that's not enough. Whatever happened out there was related to Primeval Force. The generator just being connected was enough for Dan to lose control of White Chalice's systems, even if only partially. I can only imagine what would happen if it was turned on."


"This generator is what Kairos Aspida was after. Or rather, its unique function. It allows White Chalice to teleport, unerringly and across large distances. Kairos Aspida is a relatively small force. They would need this in order to play 'world police', travel fast across the globe to prevent incidents as they happen."

"I don't have to say this, but recent events prevent us from activating this function - or handing it over to Kairos Aspida."

⌨ nine

Dec. 7th, 2013 07:22 pm
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One - Infirmary

[ Caulder's awake, though he's still somewhat sleepy from the anesthetic from surgery. One of his eyes is covered by a bandage. There's a few minor cuts and burn marks on his face, but nothing that will be permanent. Maxine saw to that. He's trying to play a handheld game on his tablet to keep his mind off of what happened. There's... there's just no way ALICE would flip out like that. It had to have been Pandora. It had to have messed with her programming. ]

I can't do it.

[ He said quietly, setting side his tablet. ]

I can't. She was my only friend growing up... I won't do it until I know for sure there's no way to fix her.

Two - Brig

[ It's the first day Caulder feels well enough to get out of bed. He hasn't been eating much, but it wasn't due to the durgs; it was depression and stress. He's heading for ALICE's cell. They've partitioned her and her mobile server is disconnected from the ship, but... he's worried. ALICE is smart. He has this feeling that she's still got a few tricks up her sleeve.

You can stop him before he reaches it... but when he does, he has a few things he just has to ask ALICE. ]
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 [Following events on the mission where she went pretty much completely insane on everyone, Alice has been locked up as tight as an AI can get. Her little box mainframe is kept on a table in a locked room, and the only network link available goes to a single terminal outside the room, that's disconnected from all others. If you want to talk with her that means the only opportunity is to either pick the lock somehow and break in to see her (bad idea) or just walk past the exterior terminal.]


That happened.
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 [Whatever you're doing or in the middle of, Alice pops up on a terminal nearby. She's looking a bit less bubbly than usual, kind of quiet-her holographic representation has her holding her arm and avoiding eye contact every now and then. Unless you're Caulder, in which case this whole prompt does not happen, and she's her usual happy bubbly self.]

Hey...Um, I was wondering...

Why do people fall in love?

2. [Locked to Caulder]

Hey, Caulder...I think we need to talk.
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[ 1 ]

[ Something is very obviously bothering him. He's staring at the screen in the lounge, instead of playing video games and trying to beat Cynthia and Gainer's high scores, as usual. His tablet is sitting in his lap, already on its screensaver due to him being idle. He's just... staring off into space, a glass of hot coffee in his lap.

Talk to him? ]

[ 2 ]

[ Later that evening, he's looking a little bit better. He's in the hangar, looking up between the tablet, and the Zeta Plus as the repairs were already under way, paid for by him, personally. ]

I wonder if I should start looking into a new mech to pilot...

[ He wonders aloud. ALICE's tank wouldn't have been practical in space. ]
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[And after coming back from the mission, at the first available opportunity R's going to make a public video... or well, textdump.  The skeletons in the AI's digital closer were dragged out into the open now... and, well...]

Some of you were out there in the city when you heard it being said.  For everyone else, I'll tell you now.

I was not merely made to prove the possibility of using Universal Alloy to create artificial intelligence on the same level as a human's.  No, for my creator, Hans Wagner, that was merely an afterthought.  All of the other applications of Universal Alloy were an afterthought.  He had intended it for just one purpose: to recover what he'd lost.

The name I chose for myself is R, the identity I live is one I made for myself.  But I was made for something else entirely: to be the recreation of his deceased wife Greta.  Hans couldn't let go; he refused to let death keep him separate from her.  And so he made me, my mind, my thoughts, my memories, my taste in music and art... everything that was Greta was put in me.  Universal Alloy served as the foundation for my mind, and also a body to house it.

The one thing Takeda couldn't change though... was the fact I was just an imitation.  And Greta -my former self- eventually put the pieces together.  It was then that I stopped being her, and rather my own person.  I rejected Wagner and everything about him, I didn't want to act in ways simply because I was programmed to, I wanted to become my own self.

That's why I blew up in Lynn's face before when she asked me about my original purpose... and also when I was called an 'old hag'.  Because I refuse to be Greta.  I reject that identity and all the baggage and characteristics it forces on me.

I am exclusively who I want to be: the AI named R.  And I'm here because of my own reasons, from helping friends to taking vengeance on those who took them from me.

⌨ six

Aug. 28th, 2013 09:49 pm
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[ 1 ] - Meeting Room, former Zeon War Room

[ After acquiring prior permission to use the old Zeon War Room to attend the semi-annual IDS Board Meeting via hologram, he wasted no time. The news of the Inspectors was a blessing, but now with these new guys... well... listen in if you want. ]

Director of Public Relations: "Good riddance to those Inspector scum. Don't they know anything about patent law!? They stole our Vector Bit technology! No, worse, they... they... copied and pirated it!"

Director of Human Resources: "These other guys, though... primeval force? I like the sound of that."

Caulder: "N-No way! That guy was creepy! The way he leaned in like that, I--"

Director of Public Relations: "I agree with the boy. A world free of want? You know what that sounds like to me? Socialism. Like dirty software pirates."

Director of Finance: "Not like it matters. Ever since the ALICE Project began managing our portfolio, we've seen nothing but a rise in profits for the last fiscal quarter. I swear, there's nothing that AI can't do."

Director of Public Relations: "Except create DRM!"

[ No wonder his father started going crazy. Caulder buried his face into his arms, desperately wishing he had his tablet. ]

Director of Government Relations: "Look, I'm not signing any new contracts with this 'Kairos Aspira' until I know for sure it would be good for the company. I don't care what the League says. And I'm sure our CEO will agree. Isn't that right, Mr. Chairman?"

[ Caulder looks up... and then nods nervously. ]

Director of Government Relations: "Good. Then we're finished here."

[ The holoconference ends. Caulder doesn't move. He just buries his head once more in his arms. That was... exhausting. He almost doesn't want to be CEO anymore. ]

[ 2 - Lounge, Mid-Afternoon ]

[ He's completely sacked out on one of the couches, his tablet in sleep mode on his lap, and a magazine covering his entire face. He's been asleep for the last four hours, despite it being the middle of the day. Anyone who approaches him will probably startle him after all of that. ]
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[Prometheus, the tiny one-foot robot, is standing next to a computer and a whiteboard and tries to attract the attention of people passing by to them. The computer is the primitive machine he uses to communicate with people, not much more than a keyboard and a screen. On the board, there's written a question...]

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[As the VeHA, now dubbed "REVIVAL" returns to the Chalice, its human pilot looking very shaken and its AI in a similar condition.  So many dead, from the Izanami Virus and then those monsters...]


[And then Satoru Takeda.  A former coworker at the Tritech Labs... taking part in doing such terrible things!]

This has to stop.  Him, and... and the "Izanami Plague" and Typhon and anyone else talking about needing to prove "worth" like that!  You can't just assign value to people!

Moe Tank

May. 27th, 2013 11:39 am
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 1-[Driver recruitment]

Good morning everyone! I need some help testing out Clementine, now that it's complete. I'll need sample human drivers to copy the movements of, and also take over if I make any mistakes.

2-[Later in the day, ALICE took the tank out for a spin on her own. And it's not too long before she sends out an emergency distress call...]

Um, please come quickly! I need help!

[And indeed she does need help. Clementine has landed in a city pool, the tank's back half under water in the shallow end, while the front half sticks out of the water, propped up by the edge of the pool.]

Aah! Don't climb on that!

[Alice's plaintive cries do nothing to stop the local children from climbing all over the bright orange tank.]

3-[Well, Caulder had to pay a fine for the damage to the pool. It was reduced a bit by agreeing to have Alice perform 50 hours of community service, which she is now carrying out. You can find her and the tank working in a quarry blasting rock, pulling loads of junk at the landfill, or working in town as part of the special transit service-that is to say, impromptu public transit for the elderly and disabled.]

I wasn't made for this at all...
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Roll out, my beauty! You may not have arms or legs, but I still love you.

[This isn't as creepy as it sounds - Lowe talks about Clementine, the ridiculously upgraded tank as, its last-second additions finally in place, it finally enters the "combat ready" status.

And of course, he's beaming with pride, like if he did all the work himself.]


Hmm hmm hmm.
Yup, could use some Phase Shift Armor there. Shame the tank ate it all up. What 'bout some beam weaponry?

[Now, the Junker mechanic is walking around the hangar and taking notes - apparently on weak and strong points of machines he comes across. Feel like offering yours up for assessment?]
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 [There's a little dancing chibi Alice on the bottom of various computer terminals today. She's holding a sign, labeled "click here for tanks!". And if you click on it, a bunch of schematics pop up for a tank. It's based off one of the tanks everyone..."aquired" during the mission at the Tritech Labs. And it's one hell of a tank, too, incorporating a minovsky generator, a phase shift armor system, pulse lasers for point defence, a nasty main railgun, and...what looks an awful lot like a VTOL system. And that's just on a first glance!]

Well? Do you like it? I'm going to try to get the engineers to spare some time on it. It's model name is IDS T-X1, but I think it needs a common name as well...
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[Patrick soon returns. In the J-Savior's hands is the Supercomputer used to regulate the Mobile Doll system! He's carefully setting it down... which is difficult because its a MOBILE SUIT. There's no doubt people will have words for him as he exits the mecha, but he seems... unusually frowny.]

Where's the Red Comet?

[Because Char was the last person by Kamille from what he heard.]


[Now that he's had time to recover Patrick was deep in thought-]



[-or truthfully? Fanboying over the fact that the pride of the Federation (To some people anyway) was on board. The White Devil himself, the scourge of Zeon!]

Man... do you think he does autographs?

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[Alice's video projection is flitting about from monitor to monitor, looking...rather frustrated.]

Melted down for scrap...honestly, these people! Never once thinking about others!

Grrr...I do so much for them, and then they just...!

[She flops down somewhere on the screen, looking defeated.]

Bah. Maybe someday I'll show them what it's like to be a ghost...

...I guess I'll just have to keep waiting, huh...
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[Well... she's back.  Though not really.  "Maya Landale", the pseudonym of the infamous Icarus Bomber, is now gone.  All that's left is Lynn Idris... fugitive scientist and now prisoner.   The jail cell's as much for protection as imprisonment though... at least until the Chalice's command staff can decide what to do with her.   And she's looking like her usual, glum self.]

... I wish I had known sooner.

[Indeed.  To realize how empty her death wish was, only a matter of a few hours or days before she'd surely be handed over to the Empire to be tried and killed? That's some rotten luck indeed.  Still... she can't help but smile a little bit.]

But the hostages are okay.  Knowing that... helps.


[Meanwhile, a particular computer AI's been brushing up on its history.  You might find an unoccupied computer terminal breezing through as much of the past 17 years as possible, though occasionally stopping.  And if you hang around long enough, it'll notice you as well.]

-Hello.  Something catch your attention?-

[There's text now, on the screen.  Addressed at you.  Creeeepy.]

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1.[You're walking somewhere alone, when the CGI form of Alice chooses to bother you from a nearby computer terminal.]

Hey! Hey! Guess what, guess what, guess what!

2.[There are, of course, missions against AI opponents for the various mecha simulation things. But today, there's a new one! And while normally they have an Easy to Very Hard ranking, this one is in a class all by itself.

Difficulty: Lunatic
Terrain: ???
Opponents: ???
Summary: Defeat the Red Queen.

(The bottom battle will just be for extreme cool things, and will change every time someone tries it.)


Mar. 12th, 2013 07:52 pm
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[Well, isn't this wonderful? It seems like there's more problems coming in than they thought. You'd think that they'd give them a break after what they went through recently, but, it doesn't seem like the case.]

...three new Gundams, two new faces... and what were those odd Mobile Suits? They looked like they belonged to some movie than something we usually face.

...and what did that one pilot mean by "Earthrace"? Don't tell me we got more aliens to deal with - I don't think Cheng would like that at all.

[She does let out a sigh as she looks up at the Mk-III, scuffed up, but holding up quite well.]

At least it's doing fine so far...
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[Kyoku is simply tuning up her guitar when the call comes from her manager.] Kyoku, the bus is repaired. We should continue on our journey.

... very well. [Setting her guitar aside, she caused it to return to its compact form as she gets up. There really wasn't much she could do right now, so she's leaving.

After all, it was only some light damage on the Bus this time. So she could get to her concert in time.]


Feb. 27th, 2013 12:17 am
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[If you look at the hangar, Christine's busy slumped over on a wall, looking like hell. This was the second time she sortied and ended up getting the short end of the stick. Even worse, this time, it lead to someone's death. Someone she knew and cared about on some level. Oh, sure, she wasn't as torn up about this as Laura certainly was, but still...]

Too weak, too slow, I let myself get the better of me... DAMMIT! What was I thinking?! I could have done something! Anything! Anything but what I did!

[She growls and buries her head in her hands.]

...What if that was Julia...? What if I couldn't have...?
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The aftermath of the battlefield: the captured Dai-Gunzan stands by the rain-quenched volcano, still and looming. Cleanup crews swarm over the wreckage of the various mechs and the land battleship.

The air is charged with weariness, and to take a step forward seems to drag at your soul.


The brotherly combination of Gurren Lagann rests in the hangers of the White Chalice. The repairs and maintenance have been put on hold for the moment. It kneels in it's cradle, dew from the rain still dripping down from it's body, etching down the cheeks of both it's faces.


The dawn is minutes away, heralded by a faint glow on the horizon. A burial mound, freshly dug, has been capped by a nodachi katana and a bright red cape tied to it. Flowers have been lain down, and people gather to pay their dues to the victorious.
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1-[Caulder and that backpack he always carries with him are in the hangar, looking over machines. Alice's holographic form is floating alongside him.]

So, which ones do you like? There are an awful lot of robots in here!

2-[At night, for whatever reason, you're at the simulators. And it seems there's someone else logged in as well, a "White Rabbit", looking for a challenge. Dare ye accept?]
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[Castellan, intrigued by you and/or your background approaches you.]

Mind sharing tales of your exploits, what its like where you're from and the like? I'm interested in broadening my horizons as I spent most my life underground.

[You see him in a shady corner of the bar mumbling to himself.]

Need to pay for more repairs... Must not enter reds...

[Its obvious at this point that he entered the Chalice as if he started with zero credits despite having a healthy bank account, regardless he's overreacting about the petty cash needed to get his expendable junk repaired.]

⌨ two

Feb. 13th, 2013 02:57 pm
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1 - Lounge, Locked from ALICE

[ Someone's been pacing around the room, looking a little worried. That's because he realized what day it is. He still looks immaculately clean, and his clothing is still well-pressed, but it's in stark contrast to the fact that he's freaking out over something others might find dumb. ]

Oh, man... crap... I didn't realize what day it is... crap...

[ When he sees you, he runs up to you, pleading. ]

W-What do computer programs like for Valentine's Day!?

2 - Later that day, still in the lounge (OTA)

[ VIDEO GAMES. He took the liberty of setting up one of the video game systems on the ship to the giant screen on the wall that usually displays various mission things. There's controllers everywhere. But, there's also a USB stick bearing the "IDS" logo on it plugged into one of the controller slots, and the ALICE backpack is seated next to him. ]

I bet Allie and I can take anyone on this ship! Three lives each, no time limit.

[ THINK YOU'RE UP TO THIS!? Accept their challenge! ]
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 1-[Network video]

Hello world! I'm ALICE, the Artificial Intelligent Living Command Ensemble. I'm a cyberweapon developed by the IDS to counter and oppose the use of Mobile Dolls. And you can tell I'm better, because I can talk!

Anyways, Caulder and I will be staying here for a while. I can't really help you with chores, since I'm just a computer program, but I can run simulations and help find ideas for improvement on mecha. I've got plenty of processing power to spare too, so if you need some files encrypted, decrypted, converted, encoded, or just read, I'm your girl. Feel free to drop by any time!

[What the Virus Dopant saw]

Cut for length )

⌨ one

Feb. 1st, 2013 12:52 am
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[1] - Lounge

[ Well, someone just had their Despair Event Horizon. He's been sitting there for hours now, perfectly still, just staring out right in front of him. He's pale, and his eye occasionally twitches. He looks almost like he's dead, if not for the fact that occasionally, he'll take a heavy breath. He was given a sedative to make him relax, but it's clear he can't sleep. He's... completely shellshocked after what he just saw.

A familiar backback is next to him, though. It's silly-looking, but slightly disturbing. Anyone who expects to talk to him might find a hologram popping out of nowhere. ]

[2] - Infirmary, Psych Ward

[ He's been clinging to that backpack for a while now, but he's here for his first PTSD therapy session. He takes a seat on the couch, not lying down. Whichever doctor Ayame assigned to him might want to take their time with him. He's just a kid, but what he witnessed has left him completely traumatized. If it wasn't for a certain hologram... he'd probably have gone into shock a while ago. ]

[3] - Lounge (the next day)

Okay... I'll try to explain everything, now.

[ He owes them answers. He's still in the same seat he was in yesterday, and the backpack is next to the chair, leaning against the side of it. On the nearby table is a Britannian newspaper, with a few very notable headlines: "HORROR! Foundation X Accused of IDS Massacre." "Caulder Lockheed, Sr. Murdered, See Obituaries. Son Inherits Multi-Billionaire's Fortune." "Foundation X Agents Charged with Murder, Death Penalty Sought by Brittanian Crown Prosecution: Foundation X Banned from Doing Business in Brittania." "Foundation X Denies Involvement in IDS Massacre." "League of Ruling Corporations Condemns Massacre, Pulling Investments from Foundation X."

He looked down at the papers, and then at the backpack. He opens the top - inside is a lot of very expensive-looking hardware, bearing the IDS logo. As expensive as it looks, it also doesn't look easy to break. It almost looks like it was woven into the fabric. He removes his tablet from earlier, which was apparently hooked up to a cord inside of the backpack. He taps the screen.

On the screen is a control panel of sorts, bearing the IDS logo, as well as the words 'Advanced Living Intelligent Command Ensemble.' ]

I think this is what they wanted. I'll... answer any questions you have, but I don't know a whole lot besides what my dad told me, and what I learned by reading this.