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Ein Verrückter Rückkehr

1) [Hangar]

[Everyone. There's a DC transport making a delivery. And you'll never guess who just came back.]

Meine Freunde. Its good to see you all again!

[Its Luger. But wait... there's... something VERY different about him. He's.... clean? And well dressed! It looks like someone spent years trying to hammer in some decency into him and it WORKED!]

[His Leo is offloaded the transport looking the same as ever. So at least some things haven't changed... BUT WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS UTTER INSANITY BEFORE YOU!?]

2) [EveRYwhEre] (Mingle)

[Its the middle of the night. Maybe you're working in the hangars. Maybe you're getting some rest in your quarters. Maybe you're getting a late night snack.]

-chirp... chirpchirpchirp-

[Then you hear it. The sound of a rodent. A gerbil to be precise. Its sitting not too far away. It seems to have been painted... oddly it faintly resembles one of the machines in the hangar... and there's a doll on its back that resembles the pilot of the aforementioned machine the gerbil resembles.]

-chirpchirpchirpchirp--chirp... chirpchirpchirp--chirp chirpchirpchirp-

[Then you spot a few more Gerbils. And then several more.... and MORE.]

[Throughout the Chalice, the story is the same. Massive amounts of painted gerbils with likenesses of various Chalice personel strapped to their backs.]

[Somewhere within the Chalice, amongst the mass chirping and squeaking - there's a wall with something painted on it.]

[The wording is sloppy and ill painted. But anyone with knowledge of german could translate it.]


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[There was a gerbil painted in the likeness of the Seravee... with a tiny replica of himself riding it. Tieria, to say the least, was entirely unimpressed by the creature and its presence.

It was insulting.]

What is the meaning of this?

[His tone was hard and unforgiving. This was...

Tieria reached for a nearby cup, currently empty, that he kept on the nightstand and made to trap the creature underneath. He had no intent to harm it, but he was going to figure out whatever was behind this. Of all the pranks he had seen so far, this was one of the most obnoxious.]
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A squeak and a series of scratching sounds interrupted Resnick's relaxation time. Naked, he had stretched out as Prokofiev washed over his ears, easing the days bruisings. Now there were apparently pests in the room. The Laborers were clearly not doing their job, he thought. If only the dire wolves were still on board...

He looked at the little creature under the cup, then up at his roommate.

"That is supposed to be your mech, quiaff?"

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"Perhaps. It's definitely someone's idea of a joke."

Regardless of the reasons behind the gerbil's presence, Tieria scooped it into the cup and set it back down on the dresser, carefully keeping his gaze averted from his roommate the entire time. Such overt nudity made him uncomfortable, even if it was another person being exposed.

He stood and straightened his night shirt, an oversized button up in a pale pink, before he reached for his glasses.

"I intend to find--"



Tieria glanced over at the dresser to confirm that the first gerbil was still confined. He sighed at the sounds of another scuffle.

"This certainly livens up the evening."
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A tiny face twitches as it peaks out from under his bed. Resnick goes still and waits. This one's painted like Ranna's Warhawk, with a little cardboard printout of her riding on top.

He can't stand it. Even in being mocked, she eclipses him!

The gerbil darts and so does he, snatching up his combat vibrobknife from the dresser. Both are in motion...
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Tieria pointedly turned toward the wall and went still when Resnick took off after his prey, determined to not watch his roommate threaten the rodent with a blade. It was just-- he couldn't look. It was too bold.

But he still needed to stay out of the line of fire-- which made his task difficult.
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He brought the knife down in a vicious arc which severed the cute little rodent head, sent it rolling off with a strangled squeak. Naked, rodent blood streaking the bright green enhanced imaging tattoos that covered his body and frowning at the headless gerbil he was holding up, he was quite a sight. It wasn't out of cruelty but a touchy ego's sensitivity to mockery.

"How dare they mock us!" He said, flicking both head and body into the trash. "...whoever they are."
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"As cathartic as that must have been, it accomplished nothing."

His tone was as brisk and business-like as always, even though he still refused to face Resnick directly.

"I'm not cleaning up your mess."
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[Here, have Prometheus chasing after the hamster that looks like him, with tiny Werter on its back. Normal-sized Werter strolls in a bit later.]

These ominous signs can only mean one thing...
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I gather that you have intel?

[Tieria watched Prometheus chase after the hamster, completely nonplussed by this point. The Chalice had exposed him to enough oddities as it was that Tieria decided that it was easiest not to fight it, but to wade through. His gerbil, evidence of his own frustrations of the evening, was tucked into a buttoned pocket on his oversized night shirt.

Clearly getting to the bottom of this was more important than dressing out.]
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This has to be the work of a specific man. A man insane enough to create a human out of meat, call him his son, and try to bring him to life with electricity.

Luger has returned. Either that, or someone here is as crazy as him. And that's even more worrying.
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The fact that there's even one person like that onboard is worrisome enough. [Tieria had his doubts that things would go further without event on the Chalice if this was indeed the case.]

Where do you recommend we begin? It'd be wise to stop it at the source before we assess the damage, but this sounds like a more complicated operation.
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Damage? They're just hamsters. I'd be worried more about them getting hurt than any equipment on the ship.

...Unless someone didn't lock the pantry door again.
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For an operation this large, do you honestly believe that the pantry wouldn't be unlocked?

[But he had already seen one rodent meet an unfortunate end. Back to business.]

Where is Luger then? This is absurd.
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Beats me, he could be anywhere. But he's probably close to wherever he can witness the biggest pandemonium...

The kitchen. They probably went straight for the food.
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I never would have suspected that.


Tieria pushed up his glasses and poked the scrabbling gerbil back in his pocket.]

You're coming along. We'll need all the resources we have for this.
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I know. Truly, I'm the greatest detective since Poirot to figure this out.

Come, Prometheus! Even if Luger is not there, you'll help us catch the hamsters before they eat all the food supplies.

[The tiny robot appears from behind the corner. Seems he managed to catch the gerbil, as evidenced by holding the beast in his hands.]