Jan. 17th, 2014

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(Post TTGL Finale)

Matthew had spent much of the battle with the Anti-Spiral hidden away in Gurren's cockpit, mustering his determination quietly and silently, a source of Spiral Energy that the Anti-Spiral wouldn't notice or take into account.

But then...during that final clash, that Final Drill Break, an inner barrier, a limiter of some kind had broken down, and Matthew had truly felt the Spiral flow through him.

Post mission, as he disembarks from the Gurren aboard White Chalice, he looks stunned, short of breath, with his heart racing.

"Simon, Rossiu...is that how you feel all the time?" He asks softly.


(To be added later)
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[Locked to Rock Volnutt and people who help him find the fourth key.]

After an (offscreen, but surprisingly complication-less for once!) adventure in Calinca City ruins, you finally have it - the fourth and final Key to the Motherlode! Now you can unlock its secrets, and an unlimited energy source is yours, hopefully to be used for the betterment of humanity.

There is however a slight complication. As you return, there are two individuals waiting for you. You remember the girl from a while ago on the Forbidden Island, but who is her bodyguard?

Dialogue )