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A Return

[With everything that's been happening, especially in the aftermath of Primeval Force's appearance. The last thing anyone would expect is a black blur tearing through the sky towards the Chalice. Nineball. It was a Black Nineball. As if things weren't problematic enough-]

Sorry I'm late. Took me a while to dig my way out and get myself sorted out...

[Wait... Was that... Ryou? In any event the Nineball lands and its pilot exits.]

... I heard about what was happening on the way back... If I knew I would have worked faster.
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[A book-loli is glaring at you.]
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P-p-p-put me down! This instant!

[She tries for the hitting him approach, though being a tiny girl and all it's not really painful.]
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[Well, FINE. Seeing that hitting him's ineffective, she'll just settle for pouting until she gets put down.]

I did not get a chance to say a proper goodbye...I thought you had perished! Or that I was going to die before being able to talk to you again!
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[As she's let down she hugs Ryou.]

I'm serious...I like you. If you had died, or if Kurou and Al had not miraculously forced us back...

It would be another bit of sadness in my life.
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Thank you...

[A moment of silence, while Eibon contemplates their expected lifespan and apparent age differences. She just hugs him more tightly, burying her face into Ryou's chest.]
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...Roads is going to take up Demonbane's work, after this is done. He will be trying to fight the forces of evil gods and mad sorcerers with the help of the Hadou zaibatsu.

And, it's selfish of me to say this-humans should remain concerned with human affairs, but...

I'd like it if you came. You are strong enough for it.
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It would take worse tortures than that to make me do such a thing.

Just...don't do this for my sake alone. If you wish to live a peaceful life, that is your choice, and I will respect it.

I'll just drop in to visit unannounced every once in a while.
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You're back!

...With a Nineball!
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Why would I say that? You had perfectly usable Nineballs just lying around everywhere, and without the main control unit they were harmless. It's only smart to nab one of them!

...Its AI won't reactivate on its own, will it?
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You should probably let a technician take a look at it anyway, just to be sure.

Where's Naiza?
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How did that happen!?
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But you were friends! She didn't have any allegiance to your enemies, any vendettas...

I don't get it.
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[A sigh.]

At least she died the way she wanted to. But I still don't get it. There's so much more to live for than just being the strongest.
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So, are you going to use that thing against Primeval Force?
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Well, better late than ne-
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... Why are you using a Nineball when we were trying very hard to destroy all those things?
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... You're right, of course.

But just... be careful.
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"About time you came back, you money-grubbing merc!" Matthew declares, marching up to you with a glare...

...that turns into a bear hug! "–We have been lost without you!"
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"Hmph! It will take more than idle threats to deter me, quiaff?"

Matthew lets go anyway. What with personal boundaries and all. In fact...he is looking a little glum.

"In any have returned at a point where we need as many people as possible. Kairos Aspida has been destroyed as an organization, Primeval Force has manifested itself into a gigantic form, independent of reactors..."

He clenches his jaw. " greatest rival gave his life to hold it off...Captain Zyvan and Tatiana too...!"
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Matthew looks...troubled.

"The technicians are putting it back together from the last battle...but they have run into some complications. Complications they have been worryingly vague about."
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"...I would be in your debt for that." Matthew says, looking a little relieved.

He looks up at the new AC you brought in. "So. You picked up a Nineball. Hopefully you will be able to wield it better than Galaxy Commander Mattlov, quiaff?"
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"None taken." Matthew says simply.
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Look at that, you did manage to get out of that whole. I guess I owe Viridi ten gold.

Welcome back.
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Oh, no, I fully expected you to come back. I just expected you to come out with an eye scar and a eyepatch or something. It seems rather popular among mercenaries who find a will to live.